From Janet Snyder . . . This Iconic ‘Mary Poppins’ Song Is About a Jewish Boy’s Polio Vaccine

From Janet Snyder . . . Doug Emhoff Was Extra Grateful to Hang a Mezuzah in the VP House

From Janet Snyder . . . First-Person Stories of Jewish Vietnam War Veterans

From Janet Snyder . . . A new Jewish museum highlighting activism and heritage coming to Washington, D.C.

From Janet Snyder . . . Jewish War Veterans of the U.S.A. -- 1896 - 2021

From Janet Snyder . . . Military Officers Association of America Advocate For Verteran's Health

From Janet Snyder . . . Purim and Passover in Goebbels Castle      Goebbels Castle

From Janet Snyder . . . Correct Burial Identities of Jewish Service Members      Now Under Mogen Davids

From Janet Snyder . . . Abraham Lincolns greatest gift to the Jews      Abraham Lincolns greatest gift to the Jews

From Janet Snyder . . . Interesting article about Prayer in Congress       Joe Biden's Rabbi . . .

Jack Weingarten submitted this video, which is fantastic !!!  Following the Footsteps of My Father

From Ed Kranson, Post 65 . . . Dayenu (דַּיֵּנוּ) - Passover Song (Judaica): Performed Live

From Jack Weingarten . . . Department of Justice Creates Elder Fraud Hotline: This hotline will be staffed by case managers who will provide personalized support for callers. The case managers will assist callers with reporting fraud cases to the correct agencies. The hotline is a toll-free number at 1-833-372-8311. People can also report fraud cases using this website:

From Janet Snyder . . . This is history which many may not know:

From Jack Weingarten . . . The celebrated, oft-cited Iwo Jima sermon that was almost never preached

From Janet Snyder . . . Chapter 34 of the Society of Military Widows of Southern Nevada

From Janet Snyder . . . This is something to consider for the website - in the attachment.

From Janet Snyder . . . Interesting Facts about the Declaration of Independence

From Janet Snyder . . . VA overhauls religious and spiritual symbol policies

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