The Kline Veterans Fund has a history going back to 1993 when the predecessor of the current Kline Veterans Fund was known as the Independence Day Project. This Independence Day Project was one of the main reasons that Post 64 was formed from the breakaway of JWV members from another local Post.

The Independence Day Project was conceived by a couple of JWV Post 64 members including Edward Kline. These Veterans earned money to get a cheap motel room to put up a homeless, living on the street, Veteran off the street for a night or two. It was not much, but it was better than nothing. After a while, contact was made with the VA and the Veterans were housed at a Salvation Army shelter for a small amount that was reimbursed by the VA. Several iterations of this type of service later, some Post members said that if they could earn some money, they could help more Vets. To earn more money required that a separate organization organized under the IRS 501(c)(3) tax free charity code would be necessary.

Some seed money supplied by the son of Edward Kline, Gerald Kline, was supplied and the Edward Kline Memorial Homeless Veterans Fund, Inc. was formed. The Edward Kline Memorial Homeless Veterans Fund was incorporated in the State of Nevada in 2010. The IRS 501(c)(3) was applied for and was awarded in 2012.

The Kline Fund is a DBA of the Edward Kline Memorial Veterans Fund, Inc. The current projects are:
1 - The Indigent Veteran Program where Veterans who need a one-time financial assistance are referred to the membership and if their DD 214 shows and honorable discharge the funds are supplied to the vendor in the name of the Veteran.
2  - Supporting US Vets in their HUD 3:1 leveraged permanent housing program.
3 – Guaranteeing homeless women Veterans housing in the Shade Tree Shelter.